Become a Memory Genius Workshop Coordinator

Become a Memory Genius Workshop Coordinator
Now you can become a Memory Genius Workshop Coordinator in your town or city. It would be the wisest decision you'd ever make in your career. By becoming a Memory Genius Workshop Coordinator you can revolutionize the learning of the students in your area or city by introducing them to Vedic Memory methods . As a Coordinator you will be responsible for marketing and organizing the complete workshop. You will be interacting with parents and students from various schools and colleges and even representative from the press media for the promotion of the workshop. You will be responsible for the complete smooth flow of the workshop.
We takes care of the complete training, materials and support to be provided to the students during the entire course of the workshop and provides attractive business profits returns to you.
You need to be an enthusiastic individual striving to make a difference in the worlds of students through education. You need to be highly networked in your community, have excellent organizing skills and be financially sound to invest for the basics of the workshop.
Our objective is to realize the true potential of the student and make him adept at vedic memory methods by creating an interest in any subject through Photographic memory. To Becoming a Memory Genius Workshop Coordinator in India is a phenomenal business and career opportunity you can't afford to miss.

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