Vedic Memory Lab

Memory Enhancement is an ancient topic. And it's an evergreen topic too. We ought to be proud that our forefathers developed this brilliant knowledge domain. In recent times, this knowledge domain has become increasingly interesting to everybody across the globe. But it is sad that the contribution of India is forgotten even in our country.  One of the greatest intellectual contribution  of India to human civilization is the Vedas.

The Vedas contain keys to the perennial wisdom of humanity. The Vedas proclaim that we are all children of light, children of the seers, who have wandered far. In order for us to evolve in consciousness we must revitalize the seeds of our higher evolution that the ancient sages planted within us millennia ago. Hence the relevance of the Vedas must continue to grow and is crucial to the emergence of a new spiritual global culture. The vedic knowledge needs to be applied in our day to day life.

We are happy to announce that KIIT & KIIS have come forward to establish a 'Vedic Memory & Emotional Intelligence Laboratory' for the benefit of their students and young mass in general. This is a direct application of vedic knowledge. We are indebted to Madam Saswati Bala, Dr Achyut Samant and the Management of KIIT and KIIS for this noble initiative. 

This Lab aims to train all the students of the nation in the art of Shree Vidya, vedic memory, mind power, art of visualization, art of imagination and many more to count. This will make them recognize their hidden powers and potentials and bring back the lost glory of our country.  This laboratory will be open to all the young students of Bhubaneswar, all students of Odisha and aims to benefit all of them. This Vedic Lab intends to unlock the genius that lies within us, that needs to be recognized, guided and shaped properly. The trainers and experts in the Vedic Lab will work on every student by teaching vedic memory methods, thus enabling them to unlock the genius that lies within them.

We have become so engrossed in our hectic life schedule that we have forgotten our ancient teachings
about yogic kriyas and pran kriyas which are extremely important for our physical and mental well being. Spiritual awakening should be the aim of one’s life but unfortunately, we are unaware about our real purpose. Our Education system today is left-brain oriented and there is no place for imagination, creativity. We all feel burdened and stressed. Even the kids are depressed due to modern curriculum. These Vedic methods will nurture the right brain of the pupils thereby enhancing their cognitive skills which are need of the hour. The Vedic Lab will focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual up-lifting of every individual. The pupils of the Vedic Lab will be able to develop their overall personality emphasizing on photographic memory and make parents and nation proud of them. One of the techniques worth mentioning that will be deployed in the Vedic Memory Lab is  Vedic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Vedic NLP).

What is NLP:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was created by psychotherapist John Grinder and the  mathematician & psychologist Richard Bandler in 1970s. Neuro stands for the nerves or nervous system, Linguistic stands for the language which we are using continuously to talk to others (predominantly to self), Programming is borrowed from the computer language which means installing change. Thus,

N - Neurology - The mind and how we think
L - Linguistics - How we use language and how it affects us (mentally, emotionally & intellectually)
P - Programming - How we sequence our actions to achieve what we want in life (Body-Mind-Soul)
Each soul is potentially divine. The Vedic Lab’s goal is to manifest this divinity within, by controlling Nature - external and internal. This is done either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy, by one or more or all of these.

The Senses, Reason and Intuition are our ways of knowledge to understand the reality or nature. Science, Philosophy and Mysticism are true and useful in their own places and together constitute the highroad of knowledge of life as a whole. The evolutionary movement of self from physical to biological, biological to logical and logical to spiritual is an ongoing process & Vedic NLP is a grand integral method which combines in itself the principles and laws discovered and established by science, metaphysics and the higher intuitive realms of the universe.

Vedic NLP is a divine outcome of 20 years of Intellectual & Intuitive research which is an intensely practical science using the principles and tools of the ancient Vedic or Yogic Science & Neuro-science.

Purpose of Vedic NLP:
Scientific Exploration of the essence of Existence & Meaning towards Self-recognition & Self-awakening in various degrees is the central purpose of Vedic NLP. Let your Inner Journey Begin with Vedic NLP...

Vedic Memory Lab Objectives -
● Stress Release
● Powerful Photographic Memory
● Right brain activation
● Solution of Mental problems by Vedic way
● Solution of Health problems by Yogic Kriyas
● Building self confidence and self dependence
● Personality development
● Unleash hidden potential
● Enhancing IQ, EQ and SQ (Spiritual quotient)
● Emotional intelligence
● Building positive attitude
● Waxing cognitive abilities
● Soft Skills development

Benefits of Vedic Memory Lab
● Improve productivity by powerful memory management techniques
● Manage thoughts & feelings effectively
● Access & anchor resourceful emotional states whenever required
● Empower self by installing new & effective behaviors
● Harmony & peace by erasing painful & tormenting memories of past
● Heal the Body, Mind & Spirit of self & others
● Achieve powerful focus, concentration and improve work and study performance
● Achieve positive attitude towards learning, memorizing and retaining information
● Come out of absent-mindedness forever
● Save time and mental energy
● Achieve perfection in skimming techniques to deal with different types of written materials
● Achieve perfection in vocabulary building and enhance your reading speed
● Achieve the productivity mindset that will help you to accomplish tasks and achieve your targets
● Achieve the power of affirmations & visualization
● Learn smart techniques to remember names, faces and personal details of prospects and clients
● Learn tips to manage workload and reduce stress
● Coming out ‘excuses syndrome’ – a big barrier for momentum
● Development of faculty and employees of respective institute.
● Effective absorption of information from workshops, seminars and training programs

This Vedic Laboratory will use vedic techniques to enhance the memory and improve the emotional intelligence of the students and the youth. The technique is an integration of science and spiritual approaches for excellence in worldly and spiritual development. Each pupil of the Vedic Laboratory will be subjected to a holistic rigour consisting of food, nutrition, beverage, physical activities, intellectual activities, spiritual engagements, meditation and lifestyle customization depending on his or her need. This need will be assessed through rigorous interaction and assessment sessions at the start of the course. 

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