Frequently Asked Questions regarding Memory & Mind Power

Qus. I am little bit confused what is mind and brain could you plz elaborate on both these terms?

Ans. It is a very good question, first let me tell you that mind & brain are absolutely different entities. But this is a misconception prevailed that they are same. We may take an example of a computer where CPU can be compared with our brain & the operating system within is our mind. if brain is hardware, then mind is the software that works upon our over all personality. Mind is abstract, i.e. we can’t touch it. It can be defined as stream of thoughts whose presence can be felt whenever we think or memorize.

We are blessed with this unique, creative, powerful human brain that no other creature on this planet possesses. We have been given 5 super powers or you may say 5 sense organs & each sense organ performs vital function but even if we compare brain with these sensory organs, we will find it to be ruling over our body. It is made up of neural circulatory where billions of neurons are connected in complex structure. Every neuron is immense powerful. Neurologists are still unable to interpret the energy that a single neuron carries with it. Mind power for them is still the biggest mystery.

Qus. What are the powers of Mind?

Ans. There has been no one on this earth who can explain the power of mind because mind’s power doesn’t have any limit. It is super computing power. People since ages have shown its multiple powers. Our history is full of descriptions about our past glorious heroes who did miracles with their mind power. Flying in air, to disappear/coming of weapon on reciting any particular mantra were child’s play for them, it just need a direction, guide or you can see an alchemist who can help us to reach the pinnacle who can teach us how to control mind. The person who invokes power of mind is always the man who believe in self restraint.

Qus. How the mind power can be enhanced?

Ans. We have hidden treasure in our ancient literature & if we unlock this treasure we can create wonders I have designed some methods or tools that are purely scientific based on our vedic knowledge. Some are based on our belief system, also that play important role in enhancing memory power which is the greatest power of mind. we can not even think about our survival without memory. We can reach to any heights if we have powerful memory, there are certain obstacles that hinder our mind power. I have elaborated on the methods in detail in my memory book. We can evolve a powerful & magnetic personality only if we have strong mind power. For doing full course on mind & memory power, You can attend my online memory training.
Qus. What is the need of mind power?

Ans. In one line if I’m to describe I would say that mind is the Creator if it is the destroyer. As I have describe earlier, existence is almost impossible without mind power. it is biggest weapon that can lead us to victory in this cut throat competition. We can't do any activity without mind. This is the greatest asset that distinguished us from either creature who just have brain, not mind. This power makes us extra ordinary being & we can do miracles with proper use of our mind power.

Qus. What are the key areas where we can use our mind & memory power?
Ans. Our whole life is based on mind power. we need mind power in every sphere of life. there are some important key areas where it has best manifestation if we see the lives of students their success in academics is directly linked with strong mind power. Memory is the greatest power of mind. they can memorize anything in their academics which will boost their grades. In fact, it is a boon for everyone. Other powers like concentration, soft skills are based totally on mind power, today every company prefers people with good soft skills. All of us start trembling with fear by name of interview where soft skill play incredible role, if we have strong mind power, then we can face any interview with great ease. Similarly, today releasing stress is one of major problem & the solution lies in powerful mind. when we see problems in our lies, we tend to think like pessimists but again, it can be overcome with the greatest asset called mind power. Our mind has a miraculous weapon called belief system, That can be strengthened with positive auto suggestions. This is called the programming of our subconscious mind. It is the only method to change old behavioral patterns .

Qus. What is the secret of your success?

Ans. I firmly believe that always choose the work you love & you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Your profession will become your love. The day I determined to over come my poor memory my negative psychic impression & thoughts. I introspected & pondered how I improve and  I learn many lessons & start working on mind power concept. I read many books on psychology, human mind & the biggest motivation behind my transformation was the guidance of enlightened saints.

Qus. What is the Gurumantra of enhancing mind power?
Ans. Waxing mind power is the need of the hour because we only use a small part of the vast treasurer. The best way is to adopt dynamic life style where we focus on how to live, not how much to live there are some enemies of mind power such as stress, negative thoughts, feeling of being inferior or superior, jealousy etc. but these enemies can be easily be defeated with help of healthy life style regular exercises, pranayams, vegetarian diet, positive thinking meditation, strong belief system, in today's scenario, one is busy from early morning till the time of sleeping but all are static activities. Dynamism is missing from our lives we should live our life with positive emotions. Today we don’t have time for our family member's love , pleasure, happiness, that is missing from our lives. We are engaged in 24*7 blind race for money. But we have to overcome all these obstacles to enhance our mind power.

Qus. What is the function of mind?

Ans.  There are two vital function that are performed with the help of mind these are thinking and memorizing, if we talk about thinking, mind provides such a mental screen, a platform where thoughts comes. Thoughts are flashed in the photographic form on our mind screen. Our mind has power to think on various subjects at same time. it is so surprising that our mind can stimulate multiple thoughts. Our veda also says that the deep impressions found on our mind is called our memory, since our childhood all impression gets stored in our mind & we can recall them within fractions of a second. To retain past memories is the pivotal function of our mind.

Qus. What is the impact of our life style on mind power?

Ans. I always emphasize that a healthy life style results in healthy mind, soul & body. But in this fast life people don’t have time for themselves. Early in life, people give up their health to gain wealth, in later people give up same of their wealth to regain their health but can we ever get those powers that we posses in youth? The answer is big no. Today the youth is direction-less they get indulged in such activities that take away their vigor and youth. They have forgotten the concept of self restraint which is according to me the key to success.

Next I would like to say that the junk food that our generation loves to eat is hated by our body because it gradually destroy the organs of our body resulting in factor diseases like cancer, TB, etc. So,we should always prefer simple & pure vegetarian diet as it provides you with all the essential elements. Next we should include exercise, pranayams, yoga in our routine all these things help us in getting healthy body for healthy soul, meditation is the best weapon provided done under expert guru. I was fortunate to be in tutelage of such an alchemist that made me realize my true potential and turned me into gold.

- MEMORY GENIUS Virender Mehta | How to improve Memory Power for GK & Vocabulary Building