Memory Genius Workshop

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Virender Mehta’s super memory power workshop has significantly enhanced the Memory Power of millions of people in India.
“It is highly unfortunate on the part of human race that they are unable to recognize their hidden potential. They are only using one out of lakh part of their capabilities and even by using this very part, they are today counted in the list of highly sage people,” says Swami Vivekananda.
The invaluable gift Brain is given to us by God, but we are ignorant to use its capacities effectively. There is no limit to the power of human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on one point, that is the secret. You will learn from the workshop to make the effective use of your God gifted equipments.
Workshop Objectives
  • Building strong  memory power
  • Stress Management
  • Building self confidence and self dependence
  • Personality development
  • Unleash hidden potential
  • Enhancing IQ, EQ and SQ (spiritual quotient)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Building positive attitude
  • Waxing cognitive abilities
  • Soft Skills development

Memory is very important and powerful asset of our life. This is the greatest power of our mind. We can easily say that it is the utmost treasure gifted to us by God. But, unfortunately people are using just a small percentage of their memory. Memory is pivotal in all facets of life. Now, the fact which we need to understand is that every body has unlimited memory but to use memory in maximum percentage is an art that must be learnt. Memory is important for all age people. This memory module reveals the best memory methods ever devised. You will learn the ancient techniques given by the Romans and Greeks to create harmony between two spheres of brain thus, enabling you to use them to tackle your routine tasks and challenges. Invite this faculty of mind to your life and know thyself and your abilities which is the purpose of everyone’s life.

Contents of Memory Power Module:
  • Basics of memory
  • Self hypnosis system
  • Exercises to boost concentration and observation power
  • Memory mechanism
  • Encoding & Association method of memory
      Memory for foreign languages
      Memory for spellings
      Memory for GK
      Memory for names-faces
  • Link method of memory
      Memory for shopping lists
      Memory for set of Words
      Memory for objects in Sequence
  • Peg & Phonetic method of memory & their applications
      Memory for telephone numbers
      Memory for numerical data
      Memory for general knowledge dealing with digits
      Memory for birthdays
      Memory for historical events
      Memory for revenues of Companies
      Memory for different constants used in physics & mathematics
      Memory for long digit number
      Calendar Memory
  • Loci method of memory & its applications
       Memory for time table
       Memory for meetings
       Memory for appointments
  • Journey method of memory & its applications
      Memory for speeches
      Memory for lectures
      Memory for presentations in academic
      Designing mind diagrams
      Designing speedy notes

Duration of Workshop
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 day workshop

Methodology of Workshop
  • Visual / Audio Presentations
Invite us for workshop
Would you like us to do Memory Power Workshop to your institute, group, society, organization or company?  Invite us to give an explanatory, in depth presentation on Memory Power to improve the quality of individual life by waxing your Intelligence and Emotional Quotient. Let Virender Mehta, the Facilitator of the Memory Power Workshop, entertain you and recharge your life stream with his energy, humor and enthusiasm. His easy, professional air achieves immediate rapport with any audience, and he is the walking model of workshop itself. At the end of workshop, you are guaranteed to feel dynamically empowered and happily alive. In a world filled with needless discord, pollution, accidents and disease, there is an urgent need for people to use 100% of their human potential. If old patterns of behavior are not bringing you favorable results, practice and establish new patterns of behavior.

Who can attend this workshop?
  • Students, Teachers, Professionals, Businessmen, Housewives
  • Though age is not a restraint but minimum age for attending this workshop is 7 yrs and maximum has no limits.
Benefits of Memory Power Workshop

  • Improve productivity by powerful memory management techniqes
  • How to remember speeches and presentations, names & faces, statistical data, lists of any kind, procedures, policies and more
  • Achieve powerful focus, concentration and improve work and study performance.
  • Achieve positive attitude towards learning, memorizing and retaining information
  • Come out of absent-mindedness forever
  • Save time and mental energy
  • Achieve perfection in skimming techniques to deal with different types of written materials
  • Achieve perfection in  vocabulary building and enhance your reading speed
  • Achieve the productivity mindset that will help you to accomplish tasks and achieve your targets
  • Achieve the power of affirmation & visualization
  •  Learn  smart techniques to remember sales presentations, names and faces and personal details of prospects and clients
  • Learn tips to manage workload and reduce stress
  • Coming out ‘excuses syndrome’ – a big barrier for momentum
  • Development of faculty and employees of respective institute.
  • Effective absorption of information from workshops, seminars and training programs
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