Virender Mehta Profile

Impossible is a word found in the dictionary of fools goes a famous saying. Who could think in dreams that born in a below average family to a watch maker for whom earning bread and butter was always a question, would bring national and international repute not only to the family, but his society and nation as well. And of course, heroes always emerge from adverse circumstances and the life history of Mr. Virender Mehta is the greatest evidence of this fact.

He made every face turned towards him by turning impossible into possible. He created his own destiny because of his desire to overcome his weaknesses, his desire to show to the world that genius don't grow in congenial circumstances but they grow and flourish in such circumstances that appear almost impossible to an ordinary human being.

Interestingly, until a few years ago,he remained a poor student at school with dismal academic record. He was extremely absent minded during his childhood. He lacked confidence and stammered while interacting in English and scraped through his exams by skilfully copying from the girl ahead of him and even wrote her name on his exam.

His Quest for the purpose of his life

He was tired of being 'ordinary' and decided to develop a fabulous memory. He did his B.Tech and in Computer science and Engineering and began his quest for being 'extra ordinary' and started researching on human memory. He worked extremely hard as he was determined and passionate to make his mark in the world. His friends would call him eccentric but he always had his goal in front of him.

After growing up, your proudest thoughts are about your first job, the university where you did your MBA or the first time you were drunk out of your wits. But for Virender Mehta, its thousands of hours spent memorizing the Advanced Oxford Learner's Dictionary. He sought help of Indian Scriptures, Vedas and relied more upon yoga and meditation to enhance his memory and mind power.

His Achievements

Every one of the 80,000 words inthe dictionary from 'a' to 'zygote' is in his head. With the page numbers, that is. The name of this master memorizer has figured in the most reputed book LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for his ability to recall randomly selected words from Advanced Oxford Learner's Dictionary at an average timing of 13 seconds. For his extra ordinary achievement, he was called on the platform of World's no.1 reality show SHABAASH INDIA to display his unique talent in front of the whole world. He is the one among 25 Unusual Indians surveyed by THE WEEK Magazine. Recently, He grabbed the award of Rotary youth leadership for empowering human minds and the award of excellence by MTC global for listing in Top 10 Global Thinkers. 

Today he is an eminent figure in all print and electronic media. He is recognized as a polished memory wizard who guides, trains and facilitates people about how to fight with their weak memory. In spite of his extremely busy schedule, he keeps his eyes consistently on the mission of his life, that is, to train every child, every student of his country by making them realize their hidden potential.

His Aim of life

He is such a professional who not only focuses on enhancing IQ but on EQ and SQ as well which is need of the hour. He is such a dynamic,gregarious and renowned speaker and trainer who is incessantly working upon the aim of his life to take the country towards World Guru. His life is dedicated to the noble cause of upliftment of mankind and changing their old behavioral patterns which are not yeilding them any result.
He has penned the books on enhancing memory and brain power entitled “The handbook of powerful memory”by Vasudev Publication and “Unlock your Memory Genius”published by Excel publications which have been acclaimed as India's best selling book on memory power. It has attracted feedback from the scholars and academicians from different parts of the country. If this book is kept along with other books on memory power, this one book suffices all ancient and scientific techniques and methods of memory and mind power enhancement. He has written a booklet on Vedic Maths which again has got appreciation of readers and booklet on vocabulary building with mnemonics which is getting extremely popular among competitive aspirants.

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